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  This website is aimed at anyone who has worked with or come into contact with asbestos in the UK.

This is a free registration and information service. In respect of which a Certificate of Registration is issued to each person that has taken the time to complete a registration form.  The purpose of the National Asbestos Workers Register is to monitor and maintain a database of those who have been exposed to asbestos. The service also provides members with free detailed information on issues surrounding asbestos.

Thousands of lives have been affected by medical conditions brought about by exposure to asbestos. This register is one way that the public can help those unfortunate enough to fall ill and protect them in the event of any future claim the sufferer may wish to make.  Over the last 60 years, tens of thousands of UK workers have worked with or been exposed to asbestos. In many cases no adverse effects occur but around 1,500 people contract an asbestos related condition each year.

Medical experts predict that the rate of asbestos related diseases will peak in the next few years and not level off for another 20 years after that.  Not a lot of people realise that the insurance companies responsible for covering the very companies that exposed their workers to asbestos, often try to avoid their liability for any claims that are brought by the victims or their families. Itís a national disgrace and itís time we tried to bring pressure to bear on the big corporations that have made millions off the deaths and illness of thousands of hard working men and women. People that were the very backbone of our nationís industrial heritage have been ignored for too long.